Praise the LORD!

Another Tremendous Revival Service last night!  

Tonight is our concluding Revival Service, at 7 pm!

God is at work in these meetings, you don’t want to miss tonight’s meeting!!

After the Service, we will have a campfire with hotdogs and smores to roast and enjoy!  


See you tonight!


We had a Tremendous Service last night!

A true spirit of Revival permeated our meeting last night!  One precious soul was saved!  The music and singing was a blessing!  The preaching was spot on!  Absolutely an amazing service to be a part of!  I hope that you did not miss it!

Tonight at 7pm is another opportunity to bring visitors and be a part of our Revival Services!

Plan to stay after the service for refreshments and a snack. 

Pray, invite and attend our Revival Meeting tonight!  

It is a blessing to serve the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!  See you tonight!!

Revival Services are going STRONG!

Praise the LORD!! 

We had a tremendous time all day yesterday, at our opening day of Revival Services!!

If you missed a service, you will want to listen to the special music and services on-line!  (Audio tab on our web site)

Tonights service start at 7pm!  The choir opens the service, so you will want to be on time!

After the service, we are having Bagel’s and Cream Cheese!  Bagels are from Panera!  

Bring a car load tonight, let’s seek to get many under the preaching of the Word of God, which is Mighty to Save!!

Revival Services today have been Excellent!!

Both service (Sunday School and Morning Preaching Service) were wonderful! 

Good turnout!

Very good singing and specials!

Excellent Preaching!

Good response at the altar!

Tasty Fellowship Dinner!

Revival Messages and Specials are available to listen to on our web site!  

See you tonight!  5:30pm Youth Night, 6:00pm Revival Service!

Plan to stay after the Service tonight for Dessert and Fellowship!

Invite someone to come with you tonight!


Rally study can be fun!

Hey, Youth! Check out this fun way to study for the upcoming Youth Rally next Friday. Click the wheel to randomly select one of the memory verses, or you might land on a sword drill or freebie space. Each time you land on a space, it is removed from the wheel. Can you complete the entire wheel without missing a verse? Keep track or your score, and challenge your friends and family members to play along.

If you need a study sheet, Click Here to download or print one.


Friday night youth activity 9/7

This Friday evening from 6:30-8:30 we will be having a crafting workshop activity. Each participant will be encouraged to build a model or miniature and learn skills to paint and detail their creation. Small kits and figurines will be available, and tools and paints will be provided. Bringing your own kit to assemble is fine, or larger kits will be available to purchase for minimal cost. As always, you’re welcome to bring a friend and a snack!

For more information please contact Bro. John G.

Youth Activity this Friday 8/24

Spaceship, spaceship, spaceship!!! Whether you are an AFOL, Master Builder, or casual MOC creator, you won’t want to miss the activity this Friday night from 6:30-8:00! We will be having LEGO builds and challenges along with your favorite board games. You will only need to bring a board game and a snack. Oh, and don’t forget to bring a friend. Each first time Friday night activity attendee will get a free minifigure. This activity will be for ages 6-99.

It will be just like Taco Tuesday, but on a Friday!

If you would like more information about volunteer opportunities please contact Bro. John G.

Volunteer to help assemble Bibles

Are you at home during the day, a retiree, or just looking for opportunities to make an investment in eternity? I’ve been spending my Tuesdays at Bearing Precious Seed, a local Bible printing ministry, helping assemble Bibles and John & Romans. In addition to the blessing of seeing the Scriptures printed, I always enjoy fellow-shipping with the other volunteers. It’s easy work, and doesn’t require any special skills; just a willing heart, and a desire to see the Word of God prepared for the harvest fields.

If you would like more information about volunteer opportunities please contact Bro. John G.

M&Ms Youth Activity this Friday 8/17

Mark your calendar because you won’t want to miss this activity! We will be playing games, crafting, and most importantly eating M&Ms this Friday evening from 6:30-8:30. Youth of all ages are welcome to come and enjoy a fun filled youth activity themed around everyone’s flavorite candy. Prizes will be given away for the best dressed M&M themed costume. There will be something for everyone, so bring a friend; and don’t forget your Bible!

For more info or if you have any questions, please contact Bro. John G.