Bible Study

Bible Study

If at any time you would like someone to study the Bible with you or help you answer questions, there are many people here at Acton’s Church that would be more than willing to set up a Bible study with you. Simply Contact us.

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At McGregor Road Baptist Church, we believe that Bible study is very important for each and every Christian.  We would like to encourage regular Bible study by assisting you in your endeavors to study the Bible.  Check back here frequently for new Bible Studies.

Salvation Bible Study

Baptism Bible Study

New Life – Basic Bible Truths for New Believers

If God exists, why does He allow us to suffer?

Is God relevant in our postmodern culture?

Why are we here, is there a purpose to life?

Right and Wrong, is there a standard of truth?

What happens to me after I die?

Is there a difference between humans and animals?

Are all religions the same?

Can I trust the Bible?

How can I have peace in my heart?

Will our world ever be at peace?

How can I be forgiven of my sin and gain Christ as my Saviour?