Firm Foundation Youth Group

Our Firm Foundation Mission:

It is our goal to provide each youth with the Firm Foundation needed for a successful and Christ honoring life.  This Firm Foundation starts with understanding our sinful state and coming to the saving knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  After salvation, it is our goal for the youth to establish a lifelong relationship with Jesus through our youth outreach activities!

When and Where is FFYG?

  • Firm Foundation Youth Group starts each Sunday night at 5:30 pm, and ends at 7:30 pm.
  • Firm Foundation Youth Group is for youth in Kindergarten through 12th Grade.
  • Firm Foundation Youth Group takes place at McGregor Road Baptist Church.  Riding our church bus is a very fun and exciting way for youth to attend, and you can contact the church directly at (317) 862-3414 to make arrangements for pickup in your area.
  • Your whole family is invited to attend our regular service and Bible study for adults, beginning at 6:00 pm.

What Happens At Youth Night?

We have several activity blocks each night.  Achievement Time is when the students are memorizing verses and learning basic Bible teachings.  Students are awarded each night upon completing a section of their Kings Kids curriculum book.  Upon completion of the entire book, the students receive a ribbon. During the Bible Time activity block, we are preaching and teaching simple doctrines from the Word of God.  We also have a Game time for each class. Game time teaches students the importance of team work. The games are designed to both put into practice what they have learned, and instill Godly character.  Our fourth activity block is comprised of singing and activities for the entire group.  We feel it is very important that we teach our youth good, wholesome, Godly music. During this time we also may have skits, puppets, and other fun activities to reinforce our overall goal of establishing a lifelong relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ.

God has truly blessed His youth ministry at McGregor Road Baptist Church. We have been reaching out to the youth of Acton for over 20 years, and this year has been the most exciting yet!  Each night is fun and a learning experience for every student in attendance.  We look forward to seeing what the Lord has for us this year!