Our purpose in supporting missionaries is to spread the gospel to places that we do not come in contact with on a daily basis.  The Bible plainly teaches that we are to “go… …into all the world and preach the gospel.”  We currently do not have anyone in our church that we are able to send to the uttermost parts of the earth. We support other churches to help them send men and women of God to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to people that we may never meet. Amen!

Please pray for our Missionaries:

  • Ted Alexander – Evangelist 
  • Beauchamp Family – Romania
  • Bryan Family – Mexico
  • Thomas & Ginger Green – Direct Line Missions
  • Hardecker Family – Philippines
  • Harrison Family – Yukon Territory
  • Hiltibidal Family – Romania
  • LeClure Family – Ministry to the Deaf
  • Rosenbalm Family – Gahna
  • S Family to the 10/40 window
  • Wilhite Family – Japan