Summertime Pitch-in Dinner!

This Sunday (July 8th) after the morning Preaching Service is our Summertime Pitch-in!!

Plan to come to Sunday School at 9:30am, and for our Sunday Morning Preaching service at 10:40am, and then immediately following the Preaching service, we will have our Summertime Pitch-in Dinner!!

  • Bring a Summertime dish, enough for your family plus a little.  
  • You can bring a main dish, a side dish, salad, dessert and/or drinks!  
  • While you are at it, invite someone to come with you!!

See you Sunday morning!!

Graduation Sunday is Tomorrow, June 3rd!

Sunday School Graduation is at 9:30 AM, in the auditorium. 

After a brief opening we will announce the classes and those graduating to a new class.  We have changed the classes a bit for the summer, so you won’t want to miss the opening!!  We will conclude the Graduation with each class dismissing together to their respective classes.

See you at 9:30 AM!   It would be a great day to bring a visitor!!



We are done!

We finished Revelation at 12:25pm, which means we read the entire New Testament in 21hrs and 25min! A huge thank you to all those who read, listened, prayed, encouraged, brought snacks, and supported the youth through the Bible Readathon. It was definitely a team effort, and we couldn’t have done it without you!