Bible Readathon


What is a Bible Read-a-thon?

It is a unique open house event, where you can hear the Word of God read out loud, and enjoy an afternoon of fun and fellowship! Our Readathon helps the youth at McGregor Road Baptist Church cover the cost of attending Camp Bibleway each summer. For every 10$ pledged toward their individual goal, the camper receiving those funds will be responsible to read one chapter of the Bible, out loud, to those in attendance at the Read-a-thon. If the team goal is met, all campers participating in the Read-a-thon will receive a MRBC t-shirt.

Camp Bibleway is one of the most looked forward to events of the year. It’s a week of sports, teaching, fellowship, and most importantly instruction from God’s word. It gives them a week away from worldly influences, with counselors, teachers, and pastors whose greatest desire is to see them develop spiritually for God’s glory. The cost is $200 per person and is worth every penny! Won’t you please consider helping our youth attend this life-changing week?

Check out our 2019 camp video below.