Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Update:

With all the closures, cancellations, concerns and fears, I thought it necessary to update you on what this means for the services and activities of McGregor Road Baptist Church. Governor Holcomb put out a restriction today on group meetings and events that exceed 250 people in one room or hall.  Our numbers are typically less that 125 for most of our services and activities, so we are clear to meet as a church.  If you or your children have a fever, or are experiencing flu like symptoms, please do not come to church or church activities. After a fever or flu like symptom, one should stay clear until completely free of symptoms.  According to the CDC, the most vulnerable segment of our population are those with heart disease, diabetes or lung disease. We have made several announcements to our congregation about the need to wash hands thoroughly and often, and to limit handshaking and touching amongst members. Sunday morning we chose to forgo the handshaking time, and we will continue to leave this out of our services. Currently we do not have any plans to cancel services or activities. While this is a serious situation, according to the CDC immediate risk of being exposed to this virus is still low for most Americans.

Know also that we are taking extra measures to keep our church building disinfected. Our church owns a large area purification system for the fellowship hall and classroom wing of our church building. It purifies with ozone, UV and negative ion generation. This unit runs continually and is put into disinfection mode after each service.  For the immediate future, I will also utilize the purification system in the new building and auditorium after each service and activity. The church building is also cleaned throughout each week as needed and thoroughly each Saturday Evening, with extra cleaning taking place in the nursery.

If you have specific concerns, please let me know and we will work through each respectively.

Psalms 56:3  “What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee.”

Chris Kaiser, pastor
McGregor Road Baptist Church

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